Drone solutions

We provide fully customized drone solutions for both civil and defense applications, focusing on quality and innovation to ensure our customers stay ahead of technology.  

Combining accuracy, flexibility and ease of use, our drones are capable of performing a wide range of missions, solving our customers’ most critical challenges.  

Whatever your requirements, we have the expertise and resources to create solutions that fit your specific needs.

Medical drones

For prehospital emergency care (PMC) and delivery of medical supplies such as vaccines, haematological products and automated external defibrillators

heritage drones

Designed for inspecting, documenting and monitoring the health of cultural heritage, archaeological sites and public infrastructure

Delivery drones

Suited to transport packages for delivery of goods in e-commerce logistic, for food delivery, postal delivery and or other distribution purpose

Agricultural drones

Used for precision farming operations, mostly in yield optimization (fertiliser supply and biological control) and in monitoring crop growth and production

Security drones

Used for surveillance of power grids, construction and other industries, for wildlife monitoring and security within conservation areas

Defense drones

Designed to identify terrorism-related activities and risks and provide security by doing proper surveillance of vulnerable areas

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