BioGear project made it to AMULET stage 2!
The first prototypes are on their way! Stay Tuned!

is a composite-based material landing gear with an eye on its environmental impact
BioGear is an environmental-friendly composite landing gear that, in only 13.7 kg (6.9kg of composite legs, plus the original skids), not only fulfills CS.27 under all the static loading conditions but also it holds the reserve energy absorption impact test (CS 27.727) without reporting any damage.
BioGear is a helicopter landing gear blending carbon- and flax-fiber-reinforced composites, achieving a 60% weight reduction over traditional metal counterparts. BioGear not only enhances the emergency landing response but also prioritizes both efficiency and environmental impact.

BioGear combines recycled carbon fiber and flax-based composites, weighing only 6.9kg (40% of the original). Meeting CS.27 specifications and exceeding emergency landing requirements (CS 27.727), it outperforms traditional metallic counterparts. Prioritizing sustainability, recycled carbon fibers reduce environmental impact, transitioning to a cradle-to-cradle approach. Flax fibers offer advantages of low environmental impact, density reduction, and vibration dampening. BioGear aims for lightweight design, enhanced energy absorption, and minimal drag resistance through meticulously studied airfoil cross-sections using CFD simulations yet keeping an eye on manufacturing through autoclave moulding.

BioGear drop test is almost ready!