Drone simulation and measurement

Test your drone performance

We provide advanced drone simulation, which consist in the behavioral modeling of a UAV to test algorithms and flight performance before the product is built. 

Our simulation work is supported by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Method (FEM), which enable you to:

Simulation is always followed by an experimental phase to validate the results.

We can use CFD and FEM for tuning drones and a variety of aerospace and mechanical devices, basing on your requirements.

What is CFD useful for?

By using Computational Fluid Dynamics, you can simulate aerodynamic behaviour of:

  • drones
  • combustion chambers
  • nozzles
  • propellers
  • car and motorbike components


What is FEM useful for?

By using Finite Element Method, you can simulate structural and acoustic behaviour of:

  • combustion chambers
  • air intakes
  • missiles
  • musical instruments
  • complex geometries

Get your drone test bench

We provide ad hoc software solutions for testing and safe management of professional drones to support UAVs service provider companies and freelance drone operators.

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